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The Association of VA Surgeons was established in 1967 to improve patient care, medical education and research in surgery in the VA. Since then, our membership has grown to over 400 members and interest continues to increase. The group meets annually and is hosted by different VA Medical Centers. Our goals are:

  • to promote the interchange of ideas and issues that affect VA surgeons.
  • to provide a forum for discussion of issues of concern to the membership
  • formulation of an organized representation

Karl Storz Research Award  NEW!


The mission of the AVAS, established in 1967, is “to improve patient care, medical education, and surgical research in the VA”. The mission of the AVAS-Foundation chartered in 2007, is “to promote research and education within the AVAS and its constituents.” This research award is sponsored and administered by the Foundation of the Association of Veterans Affairs Surgeons (AVAS).  

Request for Applications for the Karl Storz Research Award from the AVAS Foundation:

VA surgeons are eligible to apply for this award within 7 years following completion of their post-graduate training. Research proposals in clinical outcomes, health services research, education research, and basic science or translational research that emphasize minimal invasive innovations, patient safety, OR flow, and/or education utilizing new technologies will be considered. The award is $25,000 for one year. Priority will be given to proposals with the potential to impact the clinical management of surgical patients in the VA setting which are well grounded in scientific principles. Applications will be accepted at any time between November 1 and February 1 of the academic year and should be emailed to the administrator of the AVAS Foundation AND the Chair of the Research Committee (see AVAS website for email addresses).

The AVAS research committee will serve as the selection committee. If there are numerous and competitive proposals, interviews may be needed to determine the best candidate; however, this is expected to be uncommon. If interviews are needed to make the final selection, this can be done at the annual meeting with the recipient chosen and announced during the meeting. Selected proposals will be sent to the AVAS Executive Council for final approval, and then funded via the AVAS Foundation. Members of the research committee have an obvious conflict of interest and are ineligible to apply. Members of the AVAS executive council submitting or supporting applications from their institution are eligible but will recuse themselves from deliberations involving the selection of the awardee.

Candidates are expected to attend the AVAS annual meeting where the awardee will be announced. Scientific findings will be presented at the AVAS annual meeting the following year.

For more detailed info to apply, please click here.

From the President. . .

I am honored to have been elected as President of the Association of VA Surgeons for 2013-2014.  The VA provides unique opportunities for surgeons to ask and answer academic questions while simultaneously allowing us the true gift of being able to in a small way repay our veterans for the sacrifices that they have made by providing them with outstanding clinical care.  The VA also offers an outstanding educational environment in which we can train the next generation of surgeons. 

Next year's meeting of the Association of VA Surgeons will be on April 6-8, 2014 in New Haven, CT, a venue that has personal significance for me since I began my academic career in the West Haven VA Hospital.   At this meeting, VA surgeons of all disciplines gather to present their clinical and basic science research, as well as to talk about what we have learned about program development, quality, and efficiency within the VA system.  We welcome attendance and presentation by a wide range of surgical generalists and specialists, as well as anesthesiologists who may have something to learn or to teach in these arenas.  While you need not be a member of the AVAS to present at our meeting, we would also encourage new membership applications. 

I look forward to seeing you all in New Haven next year. 

Marc D. Basson, MD, PhD, MBA
President, Association of VA Surgeons 2013-2014
Professor and Chair, Department of Surgery
College of Human Medicine, Michigan State University

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